A new narrative reel is in the works, including work from the recently shot feature, Whiteblood.

The Battle of Island Mound (2015) - Trailer

Winner of two 2015 Region 7 Emmy Awards - Best Documentary & Best Cinematography

It was the first-ever battle fought by black Union soldiers in the Civil War, and it set a path for Civil Rights in America.  Shot, written, directed, and edited by Brant Hadfield.  Cameras - Red Scarlet Dragon with Arri-Zeiss Super Speed cine lenses.

Sister Catherine (Mercy - Worthy of the Name) (2016)

The true story of the Irish born nun who was the founding sister of what became the Mercy health system.  Shot on Arri Alexa Mini with vintage k35 lenses and Zeiss Super Speeds.

Desert Montage (2016)

Shot in the desert Northwest for location scout/testing with the Arri Alexa Mini and old Nikon primes.  Set to some of "Eye of the Storm" by Lovett.